Emotional Freedom Technique – More Than Just Positive Affirmations – Emotional Freedom Technique

More Than Just Positive AffirmationsIf you’re interested in positive, holistic health and nutrition, you’re probably familiar with using positive affirmations to improve your chances of success in your endeavors and overcome obstacles in your life. A revolutionary practice, hailed by the famous Dr. Joseph Mercola, takes positive affirmations one step further using the Emotional Freedom Technique.The Emotional Freedom Technique is endorsed by the likes of Joe Vitale, Jack Canfield and Dr. Norm Shealy. Thousands of people throughout the world have healed themselves using this remarkable yet undeniably simple technique.How does the Emotional Freedom Technique work?To use the Emotional Freedom Technique, you’ll combine positive affirmations with a unique tapping system. Using the index and middle finger of one of your hands, you’ll tap known acupuncture pressure points around your body as you repeat the positive affirmations you’ve created for yourself. It sounds quirky, but thousands of highly successful people swear by this technique to overcome personal and professional challenges.Affirmations are formed using the special Emotional Freedom Technique format. For example, identify the problem, negative emotion, or illness you’re experiencing, and put it into the following sentence:”Even though I have this _______________, I deeply and completely accept myself.”You then state the affirmation aloud, quietly or even silently as you tap the various pressure points, starting from the head and working your way down. The pressure points include the top of your head, your eyebrows, your temples (the side of your eyes), below your eyes, your upper lip below your nose, your chin, your collar bone, under your arms near the middle of your ribcage and the insides of your wrists.Dr. Joseph Mercola employs a slight modification on the technique, using all the fingers in a slight curve shape to do the tapping instead of the index and middle fingers. Often, the worrisome or persistent thought or problem is resolved after only one round of tapping. If subsequent rounds are necessary, you can use a reminder phrase (or the “fill in the blank” portion of the affirmation) instead of repeating the entire affirmation.To realize the full impact the Emotional Freedom Technique could have on your success and your life, you should check out the Try It On Everything book or DVD which features interviews with leading experts in EFT, psychologists, and Joe Vitale and Jack Canfield, who use EFT themselves. What’s more, for every copy of the book or DVD sold, one is donated to a halfway house, school or other worthy organization.