What is Emotional Freedom Technique? – Emotional Freedom Technique

Over the years there been a large number of different systems of medical treatment that have derived their fundamental philosophies from the ancient religions of the Far East.It all circles around the belief that the quality of the lives we lead is maintained by whether or not the intrinsic energy field that runs through every living person (known in the far East as “Chi”) is in a state of harmonious balance with the world around us.The emotional freedom technique is one of the ways in which this can be accomplished. Just like other systems that seek to accomplish the same goals, such as acupuncture, this technique requires an intimate knowledge of the pathways along which this life-giving energy is thought to flow.There are many of these energy channels scattered throughout the body, and they can be influenced to the stimulation of certain key points on a person’s skin. In the case of acupuncture, these points are targeted and pierced innocuously by thin needles to remove blockages that may be causing the flow of energy to cease or slow.The emotional freedom technique does the same thing, but it does it without the use of needles. Once a practitioner has located the source of the blockage, they begin to slowly tap on the pressure point that is most closely associated with the Chi Meridian in question. The tapping only has to be gentle, and is usually done in time with the practitioners pulse.Just like with traditional types of massage therapy, emotional freedom technique is at its most effective when it’s done during a state of deep relaxation. The target of performing the exercise is to purge the mind and spirit of negative energy and emotional clogs that are causing one’s balance of Chi to be out of whack.While slowly tapping the various pressure points, the next step is to visualize the cause of the emotion that the practitioner wishes to purge from their mind. By focusing on the emotion is causing them to stress in their lives, and by doing so in synchronous timing with the careful tapping the pressure points will cause the negative emotional energy to subside.If you ever have an opportunity to witness one of these healing sessions taking place, you probably won’t be able to help but notice how simple it appears. How can something as basic as this type of meditation combined with the gentle pressure point massaging had any sort of real and measurable effect on person’s health?Just like with acupuncture, despite the thousands of years of tradition behind the belief of an energy field that supports a persons life force, there’s not much in the way of modern medical evidence to support the reasons why the emotional freedom technique is effective, but anyone that has ever experienced it first hand knows that it simply is.